Monte J. Thedford
October 16, 1958 - September 13, 2009

Monte J. Thedford, 50, devoted husband, son, brother and friend to all, passed away peacefully in his sleep



Services Information

Fri., Sep 18, 2009
5:00 pm-7:00 pm
Earthman Hunters Creek Chapel
8303 Katy Freeway
Houston, TX 77024
Funeral Mass
Sat., Sep 19, 2009
10:00 am
Holy Rosary Catholic Church
3600 Travis Street
Houston, TX 77002
Sat., Sep 19, 2009
Following Service
Memorial Oaks Cemetery
13001 Katy Freeway
Houston, TX


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By: David Ash Oct 1, 2010
Itís been over a year since you were taken from us. I speak to you almost every day and pray you can hear me. For a long time I felt pretty hurt and angry at you, and maybe God, for leaving us so early. I still canít go to your home, not to mention your basement where we had shared so many memories, laughs, and yes, sorrows. That will take some more time. Please forgive me. However, I take solace in my belief that God took you in order to take care of the many family members you had lost so tragically, and in such a short time, in the last year of your life. I wish that thought could completely heal the wounds of my broken heart, though it does not. I know only my belief of God and the passage of time will help. I will continue to pray for you and for all who knew and loved you. Oh, and one more thing; I should be receiving my first coin soon! I miss and love you my friend. David.
By: Sebastian Humbert Sep 17, 2010
One year. It is wild how long has gone by, but how short I perceive it to be. College just started up again, and I remember that this same time last year Monte and Rosana drove up from New Jersey to help me move in.

One of the best times I had with Monte was when he and Rosana came down to visit us in San Juan, P.R., and he did not like the hotel was booked online. We did not do any thing too special. Most of the day consisted of driving around looking at hotel rooms. But when we arrived at La Concha Resort in Condado, he loved it. The room was on a high floor with floor with clear floor-to-ceiling windows looking out onto the water. the horizon seemed to go right trough the middle of the window. He threw down his bags and said "we'll take it." After getting settled in the room, we headed down to explore what the hotel had to offer.

He ordered me a beer and we sat by the pool and spoke for a long time. He told me about how Rosana and him met each other and how they got to know each other.

Eventual my parents called us to meet up for lunch or dinner, i dont remember.

It was a day with Monte. And I had a great time with him; not doing much, just being together. I miss that I'll never be able to just hang out with him again. I miss that it has already been over a year that i have done anything like that with him. I loved him -- his company, his persona.
By: Tino & Norma Rosales, Monte's 2nd Parents Sep 15, 2010
I have always said that your life with Monte is like a love story written by destiny.
This coming weekend, marks the date that you and Monte met twelve years ago at your Aunt Ofi's beauty salon.
How Monte called you at home late that afternoon asking for Roxanne and your Mother answered the phone, and hastily said " you have the wrong number".
When you inquired, who was calling? I, with my sense of humor answered, "your mother just hung-up on who could of been your future husband". At the time I had no idea how prophetic that comment would become.
Monte came into your life and a year later the two of you were married.
Monte and you had a wonderful 10 years of marriage. Living in New York and Hong Kong and traveling the world to places that most of us only read about. Visiting all those exotic places and eating in all those fine restaurants; what a wonderful life and love story
Even in the end, bringing him home to rest was incredible. Who would of known that he would be on the same flight as you returning home.
Not a coicidence but as always, together. A love story from beginning to the end!
Monte came into our lives and became part of our family, not as a son in law, but as a son. Your Mother and I loved him as a son and Nick finally got the
brother he always wanted.
I know that the past year has been painful for you. But just think of the great love you had for each other and all the wonderful memories you have of him. This should help make your pain more tolerable.
Monte was a wonderful and loving person. Always ready to help anyone in need or counsel others.
Your Mother, Brother and I will forever have his memory in our hearts.
MONTE, we miss you, you left us too soon!
By: Peter D. Gelman Sep 15, 2010
Monte, there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of you. When I turn on my TV's in the house, they remind me that "your buddy" in Texas hooked me up. I will miss the smell of your cigars, all the Tommy Bahama shirts you wore, I will miss you putting on the sea breeze to clean that greasy far head of yours, all our walks to Duncan Donuts down in SO, your laughter, and your smile. There wasn't a time when we spoke on the phone that we didnít laugh our asses off. I miss you, my son Bryce misses you and I love ya pal.
By: Yvonne Kennedy Sep 15, 2010
One of my fondest memories of Monte was a trip to Rome about 4 years ago. Rosana and I were on a business trip an Monte came with us. We had the best time eating delicious food and shopping until we dropped. Mr Cool in his Cartier sunglasses ,starched white shirt and cigar strolling the streets of Rome.
He had more shopping bags than we did!!!

One evening after we returned from dinner he announced he had to go out?
"I have an appointment"?

At 11:30pm? Either he was sick of us talking and gossiping or he was going to see a man about a dog?

Monte was out looking at luxury Villa's for him and Rosana to spend the remainder of Easter weekend in......The InterCon was 5 Star,but he was convinced there had to be something better for Rosana.

I miss you Monte...and your chili too
By: Wilson and Marjorie Poe Sep 14, 2010
Dear Monte
We cannot believe it's an entire year. It still feels just like yesterday with you around..
You with your trade mark big cigar smoking and your big loud laughter in the air..your charming sparkling
eyes gently dwelled on your lovely wife Rosana with so much caring and loving.. the good time
we two couples sharing together. You showing off your spicy Texasan BBQ at your NJ home,
our exciting Chinese dinner at NY nasty restaurant and HK Shangrila. Don't even mention about
our dreams together to have our future career in the orient.. no more fun without you around..
One thing we do believe is that you will take good care of your darling lady Rosana with you
UP THERE! We really miss you.. Monte.
Love Wilson and Marjorie
By: Hyeyun & Jason Han Sep 14, 2010
It has been a year already.
Jason and I missed you.
We had great memories with you and Rosana over the seven years.
You are the great husband to Rosana
You are the great friend to Jason and me.
Whenever we went out together you always treated Rosana like princess. Hoho~~ You loved to eat only delicious food and you did not want to share dishes with Rosana. It was so cute~~
I tried to make chilly source last week and it was not as good as you made for us.
I missed your amazing chilly source which i never forget.
By: Your brother Keith Sep 14, 2010
Well I've known Monte longer than anyone except my parents and my older brother Greg and I can tell you he was not perfect. My first memory is when my parents brought him home from the hospital. I was 5-1/2 years old (yes I won't admit to being 6 years older than Monte).

My mother said "Come see your precious baby brother". So I approached the bassinet to check him out and he peed on me right between the eyes. I screamed and mom said "He doesn't know any better". I thought in a 5 year old way "The hell he doesn't...and the sibling rivalry was on!

I grew to love Monte because he just had that way with people. Fast forward to 1973 when Monte was 15 and I was 21. We decided to go to Mexico. My parents actually signed over custody of Monte to me to enable me to take a minor out of the country. How we talked them into that I will never know. The things we got into down Dad might see this so I won't go there except to say we had the time of our lives.

Monte and I were always very close. Yes there was the sibling rivalry thing and we would get mad at one another but we were always close.

Monte had a passion for electronics and I have a passion for cars. He always consulted me with car questions and I always consulted him with electronics questions. I miss those conversations because Monte had such a passion for his interest and always liked to listen to my passion for my interest. Monte you left too soon. The electronics just keep getting better.

Now fast forward to July 2009. I arranged a fishing trip for my Dad's 80th birthday. I did this because we all (Dad, Greg, Monte and myself) share a
passion for fishing. I also did this because 2009 had been a tragic year for us with the loss of my Mom, my daughter, and my Dad's brother. I realized how short life is and we should all be together doing something we love. This turns out to be the best thing I ever did. Not just because we had a great fishing trip but because Monte and I drove to Corpus Christi together and laughed, listened to great music, ate great food, shared a hotel room, and just had a great time with one another only two months before I lost him. I never expected to lose him. I am so thankful for that time we had together.

I still want to call Monte when I have an electronics question. I still want to call Monte when I'm depressed about losing Emily. He would always cry with me or cheer me up by telling me she was in heaven.

Well Monte, watch over my girl. I love you.
By: Ron Akromas Sep 14, 2010
It seems like a short year because I still think of Monte. He made me laugh and I will always have the memories. Most people will agree with me and that is Monte had a heart of gold.
By: Ron Arowcavage Sep 14, 2010
Oh Monte, your love of life, music and song was infectious. You lived life to the fullest and it was fun being part of it! You always connected songs to relate to your life and the ones around you. The early days were fun and innocent, too bad they would not last. I am glad you were able to find the ďlove of your lifeĒ before you passed. Our friendship will always endure!
I miss you buddy!
By:  Fritz Winans Sep 14, 2010
While I didn't know you long, the few years I did know you were special. In many ways, it was extra special since we spent that time in Hong Kong, a very spiritual place which is the way I think about you. I learned many things about you; that you and Rosana loved each other like no two other people, that you loved life and you loved your cigars. I miss those times with you but I know you are up in the heavens living life just as you did when you were here. God bless!
By: Myra Herrera Sep 14, 2010
Monte ~ Although I came into this lovely family soon
before you left us, you were always so kind and made me
feel I belonged. You are surely missed. The sweet stories
about you are many and continue to fill out hearts with
warmth. Vincent misses you very much. He misses the special "brotherly" relationship you shared; the trip to Hong Kong and how much fun you had shopping, buying cigars, etc. He will never forget you.
Thank you Monte for the beautiful memories you left behind. You live in our hearts forever. There will never
be another Monte.
By: Sofia and Owen Massey Sep 13, 2010
We miss you dear Monte. We always loved spending time with you and Rosana when coming to Houston. I remember when you and Rosana came to pick us up in NYC and took us to that wonderful little Cuban restaurant. We loved watching you and Vuk play ping pong outside at the Vujasinovic house in the freezing weather. Your laugh was so contagious, and you always made everyone around you feel so special. We still constantly think of you, and we miss you dearly. We love you. We love you Rosana!
By: Sharon Humbert Sep 13, 2010
Monte, We shared so many great times, the one that means the most to me is seeing our favorite Beatle in concert.So even today We shared a few Beatle songs together.I know when I hear a Beatle Song You are near. So keep them coming.
By: April McMath Sep 13, 2010 is so hard to believe that it has been an entire year. I am so grateful for the years you blessed my life with your fabulous smile, loving words, and that laugh!! You will always be someone incredibly special to me and my family. I am so thankful for our last conversation when you were wishing me a Happy Birthday and when you told me to never forget that
you loved me....I hope you never forget how much I love you!!!
By: Adrian Ellis Sep 13, 2010
Since August it has dawned on me that the one year anniversary was approaching and I still have difficulty wrapping my mind around the fact that Monte has moved on. I am however constantly reminded of him, whether it be when I eat a good steak, smoke a nice cigar, see a person with a gregarious personality or hear the word dude. Whenever I wear one of Monte s shoes I feel part of him is with me. I regret that I did not get to hang with Monte more than we did but I take solace in the fact I was privileged to call him a friend.
By: Maira, Assistant to Rosana Sep 13, 2010

Monte I knew you through Rosana. I always remember Rosana recieving flowers for all occasions at her office. One was more beautiful then the last. It showed so much love you had for her.Everyone would walk in and out of her office to check them out. We enjoyed the scent all the way down the halls. I would then tell my husband to see if he would do the same, which he finally did.
You also came to two of my bbq first one, you brought these great sausages that you bbq that day, everyone loved them, and you were smoking your cigar and playing ping pong. Rosana was in Hong Kong at the time which I thought was so nice of you to come. The last bbq was you came to was for Matthew birthday August 25, 2009. I have pictures of you smoking your cigar then playing ping pong.
You are missed!
By: maira salabarria Sep 13, 2010
Monte, I knew you through Rosana. I always remembered Rosana recieving flowers for all occasions at her office. That showed so much love you have for her. I would then tell my husband to see if he would do the same, which he finally did.
You also came to two of my bbq first one, you brought these great saugages that you bbq that day, everyone loved them, and you were smoking your cigar and playing ping pong. Rosana was in Hong Kong at the time which I thought was so nice of you to come. The last bbq was you came to was for Matthews birthday 8 25 09.I have pictures of you smoking your cigar then playing ping pong.
You are missed
By: Rory Picou Sep 13, 2010
Hard to believe it has been a year, and longer since we last spoke. Your sense of life was as big as your laugh. I really enjoyed our telephone conversations and especially the time we spent in Asia. I truly appreciate those times and will always remember.
By: nelida villamar Sep 13, 2010
I can not belive it has been a year.
I miss you. You were always a great friend.
By: Linda Carlson Sep 13, 2010
Wow, what good years we had with you Monte. We have so many wonderful memories, fun times, crying times and of course good eating times that we will hold on to forever. I am still so sad that you are gone, but I do feel you here with us. I miss your laughter, your sweetness, your hugs, our talks, your love for Martin and your love of life. God Bless you Monte.
Love, Linda
By: Simon Rosenzweig Sep 13, 2010
I really miss talking to him and hearing his laugh. He had the best sense of humor and always made me feel better. God Bless you Monte.
By: Rosana Rosales Thedford Sep 13, 2010
My Dear Monte,

You left me as fast and unexpected as you arrived.
It all started one September weekend eleven years ago to the date.

We met in the hair salon. The next night we had dinner and four months later you proposed in La Joya.
You opened my heart to an unconditional love I had never experienced. The result was ten amazing years of laughter and adventure. We saw more in ten years than some see in a lifetime.
You taught me to live in the moment, enjoy each day to the fullest, listen to the lyrics because there is always a great message, talk to the neighbors, and to control my Mexican fire. You believed that love was what we are all here for. Nothing else matters but the love we give and receive.
My memories include a room upgrade in every hotel we ever went to, talking to everyone and anyone along the way, every dining experience described as the best meal ever, every shopping experience something you did only because you love me and every beach resort described as "so fine" until we found the perfect Cuban for you to smoke that night. Then that became the best smoke ever.
You were the last of the big tippers and the most non discriminating person I had ever met.
You cooked and fed everyone that came in your path and drank enough coca cola to be a major shareholder.
You lit up a room and touched everyone in a special way. The roaring laugh was infectious as you told once crazy story after the next, slapping your knee the whole time.
My nickname was Cha Cha when in fact you were the one who Cha Cha d your way into my heart.
You sent me the lyrics when we met to a song by Phoebe Snow, SOMETHING REAL. The words go as follows:

Tell me what you are feeling and what it all means

You can be defensive or open up and share your dreams

You can keep right on denying or face me and start crying

Because this time when I reach out it may be my last try

Oh Baby I want something real one time before I die

We will cry until it is funny and laugh ourselves to tears

If you are frightened honey I will hold you through your fears

See I have had some bad relationships already

I have fooled around and I have gone steady

But this time when I reach out I want a love that is real, help me

I want something real baby, I want something real one time before I die.

We can make love all night til the sky catches fire.

Keep talking for hours I will never get tired.

Do not want you to lie but you are so beautiful want something that I can really feel

Something that I cannot conceal

I want something real one time before I die.

We loved, laughed and cried together and had a love so real! I am forever grateful for that.


Rosana R Thedford

By: Mike Ianuale Sep 13, 2010
I can not believe a whole year has gone by already. We had just had a conversation about how you and Rosana had almost gotten into an accident while you were driving and she was asleep in the passenger seat. You were very calm about it when you said it just was not your time but that you were not afraid because of all the great things in life you had already experienced and all the great people you knew. Not 1 week later, you were gone.

I am glad to have known you but feel sad that I did not know you longer. You were a great person, always a smile and willing to help anyone.

I know you are still around; every once in a while, the faint smell of a good cigar while I work out in the driveway or yard lets me know.

RIP my friend.
By: Monique Valentino Sep 13, 2010
I am in New Orleans as I write this - a city Monte loved. I first met Monte here when he and Rosana first started dating. I loved his "joie de vivre" - he loved life. On their trip here I remember being immediately comfortable with him. We talked about 2 of our favorite topics: food and music. And there was lots of laughter! To honor you Monte I will eat my way throught N.O.! I know you are in a better place watching over your beautiful wife. Rest in peace.
By: S,S,S &S Humbert Sep 13, 2010
Seems like he has been gone just over a month. Our family, and especially our kids will never forget him. One of our favorite memories of "Monty" was when our kids renamed him to "Montana" while on a ski trip to Vermont. This, after he had made us his famous Crab dip and sitting around the warm cabin. God speed Montana !
By: John Murphy Oct 15, 2009
I am so saddened to hear of your passing. The world was a better place with you in it. I know for certain that you were in heaven a half hour before the devil knew you were gone. God God Monte we laughed a lot.
By: Ida Miranda Sep 27, 2009
Monte, I am going to miss you soo much.. White Chocolate and cookies ( i will always remember those sweet gestures). My deepest sympathy to the entire family. Monte was a great friend, always had me laughing at work.
To his wife Rosana, god bless and my the lord be with you all.
By: Bam and Leticia Greiwe Sep 18, 2009
Rosana, Norma, Tina, and Nick,
Our thoughts and prayers are with you and the families. Monte was such a great guy. He was always gracious, kind and caring. We had some great dinners together and he never spared a moment to make you feel comfortable, interested as a true friend. We missed him when he moved to New York, but knew what a great step he had made in his life with Rosana. We were always excited for the holidays knowing we would see him at the family gatherings. He was a great friend and I am sure an even greater son and husband. We will really miss him.
By: Harrold & Jennie Reynolds Sep 18, 2009
Billy,Gregory,Keith,and Theford family. Their are no words to express how sorry we are of Montes passing
Monte was the sweetest guy any one could ever meet.
Monte loved to eat,and I will always remember when he would visit our home he always checked the pots on the stove. Our family will miss Monte. Our prayers are with you.
By: Lori and Mike Mertes Sep 18, 2009
Dear Rosana, TIno, Norma and Nick,
I am so sorry to hear about Monte's passing. Our thoughts are with your family at this time. You are in our prayers. We will remember you at this time. Remember that even though we are not there in person, we love you and are thinking of you.
Love Mike,Lori and family
By: Gary & Ellen Humbert Sep 18, 2009
There are few individuals who enter into a family and become as if they were always there. Monte was just such a person for the Herrera-Rosales-Humbert Family in Texas, Puerto Rico, France, Kansas City and Santa Fe. We feel privileged to have known and shared with him and Rosana.

Ellen & Gary Humbert, San Juan, Puerto Rico